NEC ND-3520A with Mod 1.05 acts erratic


I have the NEC ND-3520A flashed with the 1.05 moded firmware.

It seems to be fine with reading my burned disks but today I tried copying three commercial dual layer DVDs; Rear Window & The Love Bug (2 disks) and there are problems with this. DVDDecrypter, “My computer” and DVDInfo Pro are what I am using to determine whatis going on.

Rear window is always identified when I insert the disk.

Love Bug DVD2 took forever to identify the contents as I can hear the drive seeking to find out what is in the drive. DVD decrypter and DVDInfo say there is no medium present. “My Computer” shows there is something in the drive of nearly 7 gigs but it does not recognize it as a video DVD nor will Power DVD play it saying “A disc with an unsupported format in Drive D:”.

If I put in something burned by my old Pioneer 105 it is immediately identified. Something burned by this NEC ND-3520A is also immediately identified.

When I put in Love Bug DVD1 the first time it immediately recgonized the disc and decrypter downloaded it. Disc2 I had to load tens of times until it was identified. Now neither DVD1 or 2 will be recgonized and everything says no media is present.

Although it’s possible both DVD1 & 2 are Borked, I can’t imagine why this would be. They are Disney DVDs but I have never had trouble reading anything until now. I never ripped any commercial disc before flashing the upgrade so I have no prior ripping experience with this drive.

Does this ring any bells?



Have you set the Region Code for the drive ?

The flashing makes the drive region free.

DVDInfoPro says
Region code: All
Region Control RPC-1
User Changes left: N/A
Vendor Changes left:N/A

Yes, flashing with the modded firmware does make the drive region free, but it has no effect on making the operating system or PowerDVD region free !

Unless you are using something like AnyDVD to overcome WinXP/PowerDVD region restrictions, you can have problems playing Commerial region coded DVD’s. Especially if you try to run discs from different regions.

Thanks for the reply,

I never had this problem with the Pioneer A105. Anything I put in to copy, it identified right away. I was also using a moded firmware which removed the region settings and riplock.

I never watch the original DVD, I only watch the archived copy and leave the original scratch free. What I was saying before is that I couldn’t get DVD2 to register in any way as a DVD untill I kept re-submitting it & DVD1 will not be recgonized at all. I only put the DVD in the drive and then use DVD decrypter to rip it.

N’er had that problem with the Pioneer.

I might be wrong here, but I am sure I read a thread a few weeks ago, from a guy with the same problem.
He flashed with beta f/w without first setting the Region Code for the drive and then couldn’t read Original DVD’s.
He reverted back to original f/w, set the region code in Windows and flashed again and all worked fine.

I cant find the thread now … does anyone else remember this ?

Also Liggy did say the RPC1 feature may not be working 100% … is this now resolved ?

You are right, I also remember a recent post on resolving difficulties with reading commercial DVD’s by setting your 35xx drive with a region code prior to flashing with modified firmware.

Didn’t however find this problem with my 3520, but can’t do any harm for megalomando, or anybody else with a problem of reading commercial DVDs, to give it a try.

And as I posted above, as long as you use suitable software (like AnyDvd) to overcome the region restrictions of your operating system and/or video player software, you should have no problems reading region encrypted DVD’s in any RPC1 or RPC2 drive.

Umm…I have some weird problems with my 3520A. It doesn’t read any DVDs written using NERO. It just says blank CD. weird. It reads perfectly from ROXIO written DVDs. What should I do. I Uninstalled ROXIO and tried making it read from a NERO written DVD it still didn’t read.