NEC ND-3520A will not read some DVD's

Hello, i am new here, but have read the forums for a very long time. I bought the NEC 3520A a few months back and everything has been great. I flashed the firmware with Dee and Liggy’s firmware for my drive, and its great. However, i have been trying to backup a certain DVD (its pressed, not burned) and it will not read. I have tried using AnyDVD for the fact that i thought it could be some protection of some sort, and no dice. The green light just stays solid and the drive will not respond. Any ideas of how i could solve this problem?

Welcome to the forum. I am afraid we will need to know what the “certain DVD” is, as nothing you describe seems to be related to the hardware.

The DVD is Cannibal Holocaust CE.

I would start with CDSpeed and make sure the disc is recognized. Then I would look at DVDShrink and see if the disc can be opened. I assume it plays on your stand alone player. Does it play on your NEC?

No, that is the problem, its not recognized because the drive just locks up it seems, and since its not recognized, DVDShrink doesnt open it.

Start up in SAFE MODE and try to access the DVD then.

safe mode doesnt work either. any other suggestions?

::EDIT:: i just tried backing up the DVD in a different computer/drive. Same result - however the drive read the disc ONCE, and for about 2 seconds and then DVDShrink reported the device was not ready at 1% of ANALYZING. After this, it would not detect the DVD at all.

I would return the disc to the seller; it certainly appears to be marginal.

the disc is fine though, it works in my standalone perfectly. I guess i just wont be putting it in my computer.