Nec Nd-3520a using firmware from Mad Dog Md-16XDVD9A2



Has anyone tried using the firmware from the Mad Dog Md-16XDVD9A2 for the Nd-3520a? Please list your results. It might give you booksetting
The web site is

Look under Firmware Update


If you had searched this forum you would know that this is already been done. Old news…


Yes, I searched before posting. I have been checking since early December.

So can you use firmware from the Mad Dog Md-16XDVD9A2 from their web site to flash or do you have to use LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3520A firmware)


Did you not read this post, which is LD 1.U6 firmware based on the Mad Dog firmware.

Q: Which NEC firmware is this firmware based on?
A: This firmware is based on MD16 firmware 1.F3 with version and name string changed to ND-3520A 1.U6, with Bitsetting with riplock removed and RPC1

But yes, you can use the Mad Dogirmware to flash your NEC drive.


The Mad Dog “A2” FW will work with the 3520 drive.


V2.TB is for the 3500 drives. 1.U6 is our 3520 firmware, but you can use MD 1.F3 on your drive.


I read it and do not want to use a hacked version. I want to use the Mad Dog version. I guess you have not used the Mad Dog official version.


You can also use a rebadged version. Only the name string is changed from Mad Dog to NEC. Download it here: