NEC ND-3520A stopped recognizing regular CDs



Hi guys, I was happily using my DvD burner until it decided stop recognizing regular CDs (doesn’t matter if it’s an original CD. CD-R/RW, says “no disk in dive”) But it reads & writes DvDs just fine. :confused: I have tried two different firmwares; both modded and original with no results. Hopefully somebody in this forum has an answer for me :slight_smile:




I had this happen to me with a liteon drive also. If its still under warrenty flash back to the origianal firmware and request an RMA.


yeah…I kinda bought it OEM fomr newegg, so i don’t think i have warranty on it.


Newegg should have a one year warranty cover for these OEM drive…Just call them up and see. Good Luck.




A new burn application added to the PC can cause this problem.

It is possible that the laser for the CD is bad. Try this drive on another PC.


ok, i’ll do that


Here in Portugal, all OEM hardware comes with 2 year warranty.