NEC ND-3520A runs too fast & is noisy


I just installed a NEC ND-3520A and while playing back media it runs too fast and is loud. The CD when played turns much faster than my old Pioneer A105 and is disturbing but when I play a DVD it sounds to be running at top speed throughout playback.

CD played with the latest winamp
DVD with Power DVD
Win XP SP2

It makes watching a DVD on the computer a royal pain because of the background whine of the full speed of the NEC.

Is there someway to make it play at the proper speed & no faster?

I did not flash to the modified firmware because I read that that made the drive noisier. The version of firmware in this is the stock 1.04

Thank you


Hi and welkom to the forums!

Slowing down you drive can be accomplished quite easy with CD Bremse. You can set the speed of the drive; the lower the speed the less noise it produces.

You can get hat program for free from this website: The page is in German, but it’s quite easy to get the program (just click the download link), but the program itsself is in English. I guess you’ll manage :). If not, let us know.

Another option, if you have Nero, there is a program Nero DriveSpeed.

I guess CDinfo didn’t help had to post here … good idea get some diff opions.

I do have Nero installed but I haven’t found anything in it to direct me to drivespeed. Unfortunately the help file never became installed so I can’t use it for a topic search.

Although the DVD playback speed is very important for me to cut back on because of the noise, I also would like to have the audio CD speed be cut back too because it’s a loud enough noise it’s hearable even with headsets on. I use several diferent programs on playback & none of them are Nero’s player. I want this audio playback to be 1 or 2x, any more playback speed is wasted.