NEC ND-3520A & Ritek 16X only burns at 4X

I just purchased an NEC ND-3520A (firmware 1.04) to go with my factory installed Lite-on S0HW-832S I also bought a 25 pack of Ritek Ridata 16X 8X 4X DVD+R media that the website stated was compatible with the NEC 3520, but the Ritek are only burning at 4X. I am using Nero 6 Ultimate in Windows XP. I set the jumper on the 3520 to CS, The Lite-on that is still installed, and the CD burner I replaced with the 3520 were also set to CS. Do I need to update the firmware on the 3520, or use different Media?
Any help woud be greatly appreciated.

The only thing I can think of, short of an error in Nero reporting the speed, would be that this media is 16X for the 3500 with 2.18 firmware and possibly the 3520 with 1.04 was developed prior to including this media. Someone able to extract the media codes will be able to tell you for sure. If this is the case, firmware updates will solve the problem.

You can extract media codes with NecDump.

thanks for the help all…I dumped the 3520 firmware with necflash_wingui, then extracted the media codes with NecDump and got the info on what media to use. I will try the TDK media and see if my burn speed improves.