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 Ian from worked a lot in the last days and reviewed NECs latest DVD+/-RW  drive, the ND-3520A. Since this drive is one of the most popular drives around  here in our forums many of...
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However, there is still room for improvement, especially with Ritek’s DVD+R DL discs.
I don’t agree with this one, Ritek’s DVD+R DL discs have been proven many times to be pretty unstable and unreliable. I believe it’s not NEC’s fault, but Ritek’s who should do something about their media quality.


true, verbatim had some problems with their first DL attemps too, and they decided to work with philips on a solution, and now the verbatims are the best DL-media out there.


Hello Herrie! Do you support the NEC-writers with new FW in the future? I heard that NEC brings soon the 3530. Did you support all models of NEC or only a few?