NEC ND 3520A Problems

High guys new to these forums.
My problem is I’ve just changed my MSI Dvd Burner to the NEC one, which I was quite pleased with as My MSI only burt @ 4x Dvd-R. I was pleased that is until I tried to burn a CD, it failed! Tried both a music Cd and a Data Cd, Does not burn, starts off ok then fails. I have tried different disks but still no joy. Any help or advice would be appreaciated, thanks.

If the new burner also included new software, it could well be a software conflict - the reaction between two different writer softwares, or even the uninstall leftovers of one, can be severe.

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Have u tried different CDR media brand yet?

Tried two different types of media but just discovered I can burn music Cd’s but not data Cd’s? Off to experiment. I should ask, is there a guide kicking about to flash this drive to the latest firmware?

My NEC-3520 fails at 3 from 15 CD-Rs ! Ritek, Philips and SKC. But another same disks were burned good. Starts OK and fails at 98%

I also need help. I have an ND-3500AG hooked up to a Mac G3 and I can burn CDs or even play DVD movies. About all I can do is play CDs and run DVD based games and such. If there is any one out there that has a good answer to my dilema, I would much like to know it.

At what speed are you trying to burn your CDR at?
I never burn above 16X with any media. I burn audio CD’s at 8X

For Windows, whenever you change hardware and you are having problems, I have found the following helpful. Reboot into safe mode, go to Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance (this is with the default XP theme), System, Hardware, Device Manager. Click on DVD/CD drives and see if the old one is still listed. If so, delete it and the newer one as well. Reboot and let XP detect the new one again. Sometimes it helps to uninstall any burning software prior to the above and reinstall it after this is done.