NEC ND-3520A Problem!

Hey guys

Just tried burning a dvd with NEC ND-3520A and its recognizing the blank dvd-r as having 0 total space on it. The dvd i used is DVD-R AVB 8x 4.7GB 50PK.
I tried it on my neighbors PC and the dvd-r shows up fine with 4.7Gigs of free space.
I recieved my burner without any software so plz tell me if this might be a driver or firmware issue, but from what i understand it shouldnt effect it. Intrestingly i have Far Cry on dvd and NEC ND-3520A recognizes it fine and i can install it.

Plz if you have any info on this problem help me out cause am leaving to Russia this Tuesday and need to burn some info to take with me.

tnx in advance

I would guess the problem is the “AVB” discs. I have never heard of that media, what is the code. NECs are pretty reliable drives. Try burning, and try another brand of disc.

i also tried Memorex Dvd+R 8x

Do u need to install the firmware to be able to burn dvds?
I am able to burn regular CDs