NEC ND 3520A Need your Expert advice



…indeed i do :slight_smile: My question is since the Verbatim DVD Double Layer Discs are the finest in terms of quality burning is there any other brand that i could use which maybe close quality to Verbs and cheap + supported with my NEC ND 3520A.

At the moment I’m currently using firmware:

3.22 it’s changed my Drive to NEC ND 3520AW

Looking at NEC DVD Media List I noticed in the pdf doc for media:

DVD+R DL(Double Layer) Media

Max Write Speed :4x Mitsubishi (Verbatim) 2.4x
Max Write Speed :2.4x Ricoh 2.4x
Ritek 2.4x
CMC 2.4x

Which Ritek or Philips media code should i look out for when buying?

Also, Do i need to change firmware again in order to burn those media to original NEC 3.07 or modded?


If you want to burn DVD+R DL, stick to Verbatim discs. You’ll probably regret spending money for any other brand.

3.07 is newer than your 3.22 firmware and I don’t that think you need to switch between different firmwares.