NEC ND-3520A monitors only C2 errors on cds (with Nero CD/DVD Speed)?

i’ve just purchased my new ND-3520A and tried to monitor errors on some cds (not dvds), using nero cd/dvd speed. i get only C2 errors (they were 0), the C1 option is greyed out when it starts the check.

i didnt flash yet to any firmware, so its the original 1.04.
do i need need to flash to some firmware inorder to monitor also c1 errors on cds? is it even possible with this drive? do i need to do something else?

one other thing i saw is that near the end of the cd (about 80% and on) it stays at about x38-x40 reading speed and just “goes crazy”, without C2 errors tho. will firmware update fix that?


There is a new firmware 3.04 at

does this FW adds support for only PI/PIF errors (on dvd-r’s) or also C1 errors on
cd-r’s) ?

yes, it shows c1 errors on cd’s.