Nec ND-3520A in Lacie enclosure and firmware upgrade



Hi guys,
i’ve a NEC ND-3520A in an external Lacie enclosure, connected with USB 2.0. Current firmware is 1.04 but i’d like flashing with a newer firmware, to make it compatible with DVD-DL. Cause Lacie has not released any new firmware for this burner, can i flash it with official NEC’s firmware (or an hacked one)? Or this is impossible because of the lacie enclosure, and flashing can make it not working?

P.S. The drive is recognized by both binflash and official nec flasher
P.S. 2 - Sorry for my bad english…


The drive can be flashed, but I’m not sure if your enclosure supports all the necessary commands. You need to try that in order to find out. Simply choose a NEC ND-3520A Firmware and flash with Binflash. This should either result in an error message that your drive cannot be flashed or in an updated drive firmware.


If this can help, i was able to dump the original firmware from the drive with binflash… As soon as possible i’ll try to flash it with the official 3.07 firmware


Well, i flashed the drive with the latest Nec’s official firmware (3.07). It seems to work, i write succesfully an audio-cd and a data dvd (using a verbatim dvd-r). Tomorrow i will try to burn a DL disk.
THANK YOU LIGGY :slight_smile: :clap: