NEC ND-3520a. H E L P!



hello everyone!

pls excuse my ignorance as this is my first post and am a newbie when it comes to DVD burning.

i recently ordered a NEC ND-3520a. installed it into my dell system running on ME. i basically took my old CD burner out and installed my new DVD burner exactly the same way the CD burner was.

booted up the system after install, then that’s when all the problems began! i have software on a CD, went to my computer to open up the CD…my system won’t even recognize my CD-ROM (D: drive). and on boot up, i was hoping ME would see that installed a new DVD burner, but it didn’t go through any type of new hardware set up. in addition, in my computer, there isn’t a E: drive…which would be the DVD burner.

i’m sorry to ramble on, but i am at my wits end here guys! any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

if you’d like, feel free email me directly:

thanks in advance!


Just an observation. ME was one of the worst, most buggy os I can remember. It might just be a problem with your os not being able to support your new hardware. You are long over due for an upgrade. Personally, I would even go backwards to win 98 instead of using ME.


yea, first step is to ditch WinME.


Are you sure that you set up the jumper on the new new drive correctly? OEM’s like Dell often setup their optical drives as “Cable Select”, your 3520a is most likely set as master by factory default.


good call…we may have a winner.


After you check the jumpers then log into windows update and update your hardware drivers. Love my XP.


Me also…I was a first adopter. I have never looked back since. :bow:


that’s exactly what it was!!! i figured it out after a day of doing some research! i should’ve checked back here alot sooner! lol

i’ve been meaning to upgrade to XP, but i want a clean, full install rather than a upgrade! i haven’t found the courage to take on that project!

thank you all for the help and for the ME cracks! lol