NEC ND-3520A firmware - Newbie question




Looking for a bug-free firmware for my NEC ND-3520A. The only thing I really care about is having the rip-lock disabled.

Can anyone guide me in a direction where to get a firmware like that?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have a few question for you.
Do you have an NEC drive?
Did you try the search button before you posted?
Did you look around this nice forum before you posted? :rolleyes: :bigsmile:
Have a nice day. :smiley:


ok. look this answer ===>


hahaha thats just mean yo!!! and yes there are offical firmwares for the drive at and like PC-GUY here says do a search for it. i dont think herrie had a firmware for this drive yet but im not sure i have and old nec 2500a drive. so you should look for something from herrie’s firmware.

heres a link i had from before for all the nec drives

ill be nice

it has some firmwares for your drive too. just do a ctrl+F to do a search on the page. and look for ND3520 or ND-3520a