NEC ND-3520a fails burning CD+G (Karaoke)

I have my burner for about 3 weeks now and have encountered a new problem. I just tried burning CD+G with this burner and it fails at about 10% or lower. When i first saw this I thought it was the media so, I tried another disc (TDK) and it also failed. I also had some Sony & Memorex CD-R and those failed.
I am using liggy’s firmware that supports bitsetting for DVD+R. Upon so many failures & reflashed to the stock firmware & still have this problem. It always fails around the same area. I tried it with a CD RW (couldn’t bear losing more disks) and it works. Tried it again & it fails. From what i ca see it works sometime and works other times with cd-RW. I thought there was somthing wrong with my computer!
I swapped this drive with my ND-1100A and BOOM it works!

Don’t get me wrong I burn audio, DVD-Videos, Xbox Games, Ps2’s, Pc-Games, At full spead but I like Karoke too!

@ shattacrew,

I am having a little bit of a problem understanding what you are trying to convey with your statement “I just tried burning CD+G with this burner and it fails at about 10% or lower”. Could you be more specific and explain exactly what you mean.

What type of software program are you using to record your CD+G Karaoke CDs? To be able to record CD+G Karaoke CDs your software recoding program needs to be able to record in the RAW Mode to be able to include the Karaoke text graphics to the audio. The best CD+G Karaoke recording software program is MTU’s MicroStudio (

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I Use alcohol & yes i set it to burn RAW. I checked the nero infotool it says the drive supports writing RAW. But I think the error has something to do with firmware. Thanks for the tip, MTU!!!

I also have this burner. According to the spec sheet (and Nero drive info) the NEC ND-3520a does not read the CD+G format.