Nec Nd-3520a Dvd Problems

I Have Been Burning Dvds For Sometime With No Problem, Now Suddenly When I Burn Dvds They Will Not Work On My Standalone Dvd Player. I Use Datawrite Yellow -r. Any Ideas???

Which firmware,since when you haven’t defragmented your hdd,maybe dead windows,try reinstalling with all new drivers and versions of burning programs.Use other program,Roxio DVD Copy or Nero

I downloaded the MAD DOG firmware to try and solve the problem and also changed my nero version but with no luck. I did install a win avi converter for making dvd`s could this of affected anything?

Datawrite yellow can have quality issues. It might be worth trying some good quality media. Perhaps Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden if you can get hold of it in your area.

Yep tried another brand and got the same error, just keeps clicking away in the dvd player and when it does play it starts & stops. all my older copies work fine.