NEC ND-3520A. Does not see disks after only 2 months

NEC ND-3520A
Product bought May 2005.

Initially needed to insert/re-insert disks several times before contents could be read/seen in Win Explorer. Found this a pain. You would go thro’ complex authoring setup (say in Nero), then when you are ready to burn - you find Nero/Windows does not recognise that a CD/DVD is present!

In last month (July 2005), this NEC unit has given up recognising CDs/DVDs altogether! In fact it now sometimes clicks (approx once per 2 seconds) when disk inserted!!

No major changes have happened to my XP-SP1 since installation when it did at least work. (a little). Device manager reports that no driver update has affected this drive.


Unit was bought on net.
Am new to CD drives, so apologize in advance if solution blindingly obvious to the initiated - but would still appreciate the solution! Many thanks.

the unit should be under warranty - so take it back to the online store or to the manufacturer, it seems to be faulty.

i have the exact same problem but mine was the 3540a. i would return it but i lost the reciept and any kind of proof that i bought the product. is there a solution for this?

buy another and return the faulty

At the store they should have the list of drives sold - there you ask to check your serial number and they should accept the unit.

It could be your OS. Sometime i have to insert the media several times before even explorer picks up the change. Reinstall your OS and only the software that you USE.

if it’s always clicking… it’s dead jim.

No - I believe Corbus is right, and the unit is indeed faulty. I removed it (in preparation to sending it back), and replaced it with the LG DVD-ROM that was originally there - and normal service was resumed! No clicking, all media recognised first time by the LG! Too late I now read the reviews/comments of the online retailer, only to find that several other users have had the experience of this drive dying after several weeks of use. Thanks for the advice - & hope my experience is helpful for others.

well then… may it rest in peace. n :sad:

god dam.
i don’t think any dvd burner is any good

i had a liteon and it burned coasters up the ass.
then i got the “best” … a plextor… stopped reading any dvd’s in under a year
so now i want one that will last… i checked the pioneer forum and i see lots of problems
now i check the nec forum cuz i see a lot of good reviews on this 3520 on newegg.
i come in here and see there’s problems… what the fuck? is there any dvd burner that lasts at least a year?

Most drive manufacturers will RMA drives without the receipt if the date of manufacture is within their warranty time frame. For example, if your drive was manufactured December 2004, and has a one year warranty, then most manufacturers will honor the warranty without a receipt.