NEC ND 3520A dma problem




my dvd recorded needs one hour to burn a dvd.
i have a NEC ND 3520AW and there is no way i can enable its DMA. From the control panel it always says PIO mode enabled and not ultra dma. I tried unistalled and reinstall the device and the controller but it didnt work. When i unistall it and reinstall, when i enter the windows xp it says ultra dma mode but when i start to copy a dvd with my burning software ( i used a lot of softwares) it goes back to pio mode. As a result one hour is needed for burning a dvd and one hour to copy a movie to the hard disk.


Try rolling back the IDE drivers to [B]MS default ones[/B], if you have already done this, ensure DMA mode is enabled in the system BIOS.
If this fails, do you know which motherboard and chipset you have?