NEC ND 3520a burning slow?



Hi i just picked up one of these drives and upped the firmware to Liggy and Dee 1.UF. Im runnign nero 6 and it takes me about 13 minutes to burn a CD at 8X on benq media. Is that normal? It seems kind of long. Any input is appreciated.


That sounds like 4X speeds, 8X should be closer to 9.5 min. What times were you getting with the original FW? Have you tried another brand of disc?

Try burning an ISO with DVDDecypter, it will show the actually burning speed from start to finish (Nero just says what you set it at). If you are comfortable with the registry you can use this reg hack to get Nero to show realtime actual speed.

For Nero 6 follow this steps.

  1. Start-> Run-> type Regedit

  2. Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder”

  3. Go to Edit-> New -> DWORD Value

  4. Rename “New Value #1” to “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed”

  5. Click on it and select “Modify”

  6. Now set the value 0 to 1

You’re done


Have you checked if DMA is enabled ?
Do a CD-SPEED F6 (Burst Rate) and you will know if DMA is enabled…


With the default fw i was getting slow burns as well. I ahvent tried different media. I ran the speed test and this is what showed. 3.jpg is with a blank disc in and 1 and 2 have data on the disks.


i tried burning an ISO in DVD Decryptor and it bega at 4.1 then to 6.2 mid way thru n then 8.3x near the end


Well that’s correct for 8X media, that’s how it should be. What was the time on that one? A 4G movie should take about 9+ min.


I just burned a cd with nero and for 4.178 gigs it took 9 min 36 sec. Is that the normal speed for burning? it seems a little slow but i’m not sure.

I also inputed the string into the registry and it doesnt show real time burning speed…where would it show me the speed?