NEC-ND 3520a+bitsetting+DVD-R




Im trying to make a home version of a pressed dvd ,i have a NEC-ND 3520a burner and a spindle of DVD-Rs, however have found little resources online to change the bitsetting for DVD-Rs to be read as DVD-ROMs (ie-a pressed dvd) is there anyway to do this or do i have to dump 20$ for some DVD+Rs?

and if it is possible, anyway to do it in linux with , if i can push my luck here, k3b?

thanks in advance for any replies/help.


You cannot bitset - media, only + media…




Some of the Features in DVDINFOPro V3.00â„¢

* New Benq fast Pi/PO scanning for 8x and 16x drives
* New DC Erase function for Nu burners restores RW media to brand new
* New Colour options for graphs and plotting via colour picker
* New DVD+R DL (Double Layer) support added
* LG, BENQ, NU, NEC, BTC, Liteon, Micro Advantage bitsetting added
[B]* Access to new DVD-R/RW bitsetting functions added by Nu, BTC and Micro Advantage[/B]
* New Media revision field added to Media info
* CD/DVD Speed & Error Test functions
* Snapshot to jpg and clipboard copy functions.
* Expanded Drive & Media Info sections.
* Recognition of DDCD, HD-BURN & Mt Rainier technologies
* Media Info show UDF information controllers and drives
* New “Send Custom Command” feature, send your own commands.
* Over 80 built in command templates for custom command function.
* Expanded Advanced Command section.
* Slide-out, slide-in command dialogs.
* “Read Blocks” function reads consecutive blocks quickly
* “Complete Media Code” shows the media code block.
* Quick Erase & Fast Format supporting DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW.
* Optional program logging.
* Unencrypted VOB, MPG, AVI (etc) player with sliding video window.
* Now compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME via ASPI.
* SPTI for Windows NT, 2000 or XP. (admin access needed)
* External USB, FIREWIRE drive support on Win2k and XP.
* DVD maximum speed now shown under media option.
* Digital status display with colouring choices.
* Check for program update on web feature.
* Regular updates.


not possible on nec drives yet


crap, o well, thanks for the quick replies guys.

i appreciate it :smiley:


These bitsetting functions can’t be compared to bitsetting on +R/RW discs. On these drives a second session is created with a different booktype, but the original booktype is already written on the disc during the manufacturing process.


nu ddw82 can set dvd-r to dvd-rom which is the only reason i’m still keeping it