NEC ND-3520A (and rebadges) Info And Availability

You be the judge.

New NEC drive! :o

where did you get this drive? : :bigsmile:

where did you get this drive?

No comment :

they both can copy things. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the drive mentioned here

But when will we see it and what is so special?

Oh yeah who says I have the drive? I only have a screenshot :wink:

My guess:
This drive is able to write DVD-R DL and we can apply this firmware to other 3500 drives once we get our hands on it.

there are also a 3530 drive from nec!

Or it is just a fake. Everyone with few firmware knowledge could change the strings to show it up in this way…

On the page J37HR0 is linking to you can read this text:

NEC: CD-RW NR-7500A, NR-7700A, NR-8500A, NR-8400A, NR-7800A, NR-7800B, NR-7900A, NR-9100A, NR-9200A, NR-9300A, DVD_RW ND-1100A, ND-1200A, ND-1300A, ND-1500A, ND-2300A, ND-2500A, ND-2500A2, ND-2510A, ND-3500A, ND-3500AD, ND-3500AG, ND-3520A, ND-3520AW, ND-3530A, ND-5200A, ND-5300A, ND-5500A, ND-6500A, DVD±RW ND-3450A, DVD+RW ND-1000A, ND-1100A, ND-1500A, ND-2100A, ND-2100AD, ND-3100A, ND-3100AD, ND-5000A, ND-5100A, ND-6100A, DVD-RW ND-1300M, ND-1500M

We have seen many of those tables with drive names that have never come to the market…
I believe the screenshot is not faked if the first press release at NEC will advertise the 3520A :wink:
I could easily create a firmware 1.00 for a 3540A… :smiley:

true =)

well, u could just change the lines in photoshop! you don’t even have to change the fw-string!

Probably adding 8x +RW and 6x -RW as well. Many drive manufacturers are in the process of upgrading RW speeds, and it would not surprise me if this is one of the major changes for this drive.

We could know if someone gets his hands on this firmware. I’d like to take a closer look at that :smiley:

The firmware version number makes me even believe more that this is a fake screenshot, because NEC seems (at least officially) to count further on. The 2500A started with 1.06–>1.07, then the 2510A with 2.15–>2.16 and the 3500A with 2.16–>…–>2.18 so far. It would be conclusive for me that a 3520A starts with 2.18 or higher…
We see the same behavior with the strategy version numbers…

At the beginning there even was a K0P2 firmware (or something similar) for the 2510.

Even easier for anyone with a little knowledge of Photoshop. No flashing required.

Yes Photoshop, with the stellar job that was done in MS Paint to hide the serial number.

Anyway is there a tool that will dump the firmware for a 3520? I don’t think Binflash does. Or is there a way in to do it from a DOS boot disk?

I guess Binflash works for this one. If it doesn’t, support should be easy to implement