NEC ND-3520A $53.99@Newegg

Thanks for the info! That’s thrilling. Almost 10 dollars cheaper than GSA-4163B OEM.

Me think Newegg clears inventory and we see new generation ND-35xx shortly.

Actually the beige is only $52.99 shipped :slight_smile:

Goudo, In case you missed it, here are the timeline and specs on the next NEC series.

I just ordered one of these in black. Somewhere around here I read that black had less “jitter” or something than the beige ones??

It happens I had all beige drives until I bought a Lite-On CDR which I also happened to get from NewEGG.

Any confirmation on black vs. beige? My drives are all behind a door so appearance matters now at some of them come with different face plates anyway?


You gotta be kidding me. How does the color affect the jitter in anyway. It’s all cosmetics. The drives are exactly the same. :wink:

I recall reading something as well about black drive material having a different resonance or harmonic or some such thing. Might be true, might not. It had to do with the tray.

Yo chas0039-

That has got to be one of those Urban Legends that you hear occasionally (usually in some e-mail)-

I have heard a similar thing about the 3500 some time ago - in here - but it is pretty hard to believe-


Still that fallacy seems to attract consumers no matter what. :wink:

According to the description of the 1620Pro, “Black-colored tray minimize jitters to enhance writing quality.”
Plextor says the same thing -

Is that just bullocks?

No, it is not. The proper term is “marketing bullshit”.

At the very best, a black tray MIGHT help. A black faceplate has no effect. Period.

Or, if you want a two-year warranty, you could buy a Mad Dog 16XDVD9A2, which is the same as an NEC ND-3520A. :slight_smile: I found what I think is a nice one on eBay. I believe the auction has two days to run and the current bid is $39–can’t remember the shipping, though. You can find it here:

Info from the seller is as follows:

This was new two weeks ago. I’ve used it and it works great. Then my wife bought me a SONY DVD-R for my birthday so I decided to go with the nicer one of the two. Unfortunately COMPUSA won’t take it back unless I can find the receipt. So yes it is new…slightly used. (I’ve burned about 5 CDs in the last couple of weeks) The model # is MD-16XDVD9A2. This is an original product from MADDOG. I have it in it’s original box and everything that came with it. (manuals, cable, screws, and a great NERO burning package) It has a black bezel. Date of manufacture is Jan 2005. I checked into the warranty transfer and that is no problem.

Had it been the NEC ND-3500A equivalent, I would have bid on it, but I am admittedly an eBay “junkie.” :slight_smile:


Hilarious. The stupid idiot ditched a rebadged NEC for an overpriced rebadged Lite-On burner. Anyways the auction still has almost 3 days left. You can’t get a real idea of the price until the last hour. That and the drive is currently $49, not $39. People make the nasty habit of not calculating shipping costs when bidding on items on ebay. What seems like a good deal when you are bidding can turn into a crappy deal when you factor in shipping costs. Not to mention a number of ebay sellers rape you on shipping charges. $10 is pretty reasonable for a retail DVD Burner though. :wink:

Well, you are right about the $10 shipping, but the bid price is still $39, so right now the total price would be $49, with one bid and 2 days + 4 hrs. to go. And there is also the 2-year warranty to take into account, and the fact that bitsetting is already enabled without the need to flash the firmware. Those were two attractive features for me, but I wanted a 3500A. You are also correct that you never know what the final bid will be until the last hour–or even the last minutes! But if someone wants an NEC 3520, I think it’s a good auction to watch.

Don’t be too hard on him about selling the NEC burner and keeping the Sony. It was his wife who bought him the Sony, and before I found this great forum, I intended to buy a Sony also! It didn’t take long for me to change my mind after getting so much excellent information and advice here. :slight_smile:

Are all of the Sony’s just rebadged Lite-On’s? How do you guys determine who the actual manufacturer is? I would never have guessed that a Mad Dog burner is an NEC in disguise. I read elsewhere that not all Mad Dog drives, e.g., their DVD-ROM’s, are NEC’s, but rather Artec, et al. How about the Mad Dog 8X Dominator? I haven’t seen much comment about TDK burners, although I understand that they also are rebadged NEC’s. Wes Novack wrote an excellent review on the Mad Dog 16XDVD9 model, and I think I would be extremely comfortable with that drive–if I could find it! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the great help!


All of the Sony burners since about the 530A model are rebadged Lite-Ons. You can tell simply by popping the drive into your PC. Usually Windows will auto-detect the burner for what it really is when you first hook up the burner and fire up your PC. Case and Point, I had a 4x Cendyne burner. As soon as I plugged it into my PC and fired it up, Windows auto-detected it as the Pioneer 105. You can also use tools like to tell you the actual burner and firmware revision of your drive. TDK burners, at least for a while, were rebadged NECs as well. Not sure about what they currently are though.

RETAIL Sony DRU-720A black bezel.

The drive is now currently $52 with free shipping.

That’s the deal I got with my 3500 AG back in january. I could have bought somewhere else and had a rebate but I hate waiting for rebates so I took the offer. This was the 2nd drive I have bought from them and they are a first rate company.

I don’t know about the jitter thing, but sounds like a joke to me. I have a black one because I have a black Dell. Looks like I just lucked out. LOL.