(nec nd-3520) dvd-r unreadable with my reader



I’ve burnt a DVD-R with some files. ISO, standard settings, max speed, using a Verbatim DVD-R 8x using my NEC ND-3520A. At first I’ve used K3b under Linux, using NEC firmware 3.04. The burn process was ok, verified by the software, perfectly readable by my 3520. But in my CD/DVD reader (a NEC DV-5700) the disc is unreadable. Then I tried the firmware Liggy&Dee 1.UF, under Windows 2000 with the latest Nero, same files, same settings, 8X. Burn process ok, verified, perfectly readable by the 3520, unreadable by the reader (Windows says something like “invalid function” or “function not supported”).

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help


I think it’s too old. You should try with another DVD reader.



yeah ok, but the same media burned with an LG recorder is perfectly readable… And if my reader can’t read my dvd-r maybe other people’s drives can’t. This is too bad!


update: same results with firmware NEC 1.04.
This is weird… should I try a different media?