Nec ND-3520 buffer under-run protection, where?



Hi!!.Before that my ND-3520 starts to burn CD-R or CD-RW, I see that Nero activates the bufer under-run protection but before to burn DVD±R/RW,I don´t see that Nero doesn´t activate the protection.It´s a strange thing.Why??,is my Nec a defective drive??.
Waiting your answers,thank you very much!!


this normal for nero to display that, it does the same with my liteon 811s and 3500.


Then with DVD±R/RW, don´t Nero display the buffer under-run protection activated??


In Nero recorder properties, I see that buffer under-run is “enabled” but Nero don´t display it when starts to burn.What would you suggest??


don`t worry about it, buffer underrun protection is inbeded in your drive not in the burning software.