NEC ND-3520 and RecordNow



Does anyone use RecordNowDX 4.60, and probably other versions, with the 3520? Would you like to be able to select the record speed? If so let me know if you want to test… Is there someone that would host a file??


You taking about a hacked pxdrv.dll?

I use v4.61 with a hacked pxdrv.dll for my 3500 to show write speeds, DMagic1 over in the Software forum modified it:

If your file is not too big, under 100k, then you can zip it up and attach it to this thread.


Yeah that’s it. I added the 3520 and for me I also added the Piodata DVR-108DX. I may zip it up and attach it if I see enough interest…


colour me interested mate - I would very much like some proper speed selection options for my 3520 :slight_smile:


Hi worker, add me up to the list of intersted.


O.K.guys, try this…Grab and unzip the attached file. Put it where your old file is…


Thxs and Much appreciated worker.


hey niiiice one - works like a charm thank you worker - now theres a whole rake of speeds to choose from :slight_smile:


this is great! only one question though, how to I get it to tell me my speeds for only the DVD burning? right now it shows a list of speeds for cd burning only, even if i put in a blank dvd.


choose DVD instead of CD compilation.


Great, thanks.
Installed the file and SRN now shows 2x 4x 6x 8x and Max, but not 12x or 16x.
Do any of you others see 12x or 16x?


I am unable to get this to work with RNM 4.60 and a 3520. Anyone been able to get it to work?


don’t know about 4.6 but got it working with 4.5


can 4.5 be updated to 4.6?


I got it working by down grading to 4.50 and using the files now burner shows up! :slight_smile:

Uninstalled that 7.0 rubbish (and its auto-eject foolishness)


I dont think so, stick to 4.5 its better IMHO :slight_smile: