Nec Nd-3500ag



Hey everyone;

I am wondering if this drive is able to read CD+G discs as well as Burn them? I’ve read many “CD+G Compatible Drives” list and haven’t found anything recent. If anyone has this drive and can run “Nero InfoTool” to see if it is compatable that would be great. Also if it is compatible if you could post our Firmware version that would also be great.

Thanks in advance everyone.


P.S. I have posted this same question in the BenQ section because I have A HP-640i drive as well. I would run my own InfoTool on these drives, but for some reason when I start it up it gives me an Error and shuts down.


Both my 3500 and the BenQ 1620 show CD+G compatibility as do the 3520 and the Liteon 1693. Pioneer 109 and LG 4163 say no.