Nec Nd-3500ag


I have the NEC ND-3500AG DVD drive. I have problems using it with Nero’s InCD.
Nero has told me to update the firmware, but I cannot find it. The running firmware is 2.07 according to the Nero InfoTool. I have seem that there’s firmware 2.19 for the drive, but in the Important Information there stands “You can only update Firmwareversion 2.16, 2.17 and 2.18”.

I tried to update with 2.19, but got the info, that the drive was not quite found.

Is it not possible to find firmwareupdate for this drive ?.

I really hope that it is.

All but InCD from Nero works ok.

2.0x means an OEM drive firmware …
To update to 2.19 you need to use Liggy’s binflash. This is the best choice if you’re really after the official NEC firmware.

The best firmware though, is Liggy and Dee’s v2.TD, which will let you do bitsetting, there’s no riplock, RPC1 … and of course has the best writing strategies …

You can find more details about NEC firmwares and their OEM rebrands at .

Greetings. I have this same drive and have tried to upgrade the firmware from 2.16 to 2.19 and to Liggy 2.TD. In all cases, the flash program stops about half way through and the light on the unit just blinks until I reboot. The drive will burn correctly after these attempts. Why does the flash utility hang? TIA. Regards.