Nec ND-3500AG taking ages to complete burn process + unreadable burnt DVDs



A couple of weeks ago i began experiencing some trouble with my DVDRW (Nec ND-3500AG). Most of the DVDs i burn are almost full (about 4.5GB out of the 4.7GB) and after i started a burning session it would stall at 3% for maybe 30 seconds, and then it would speed up, but still the whole burning process would take about 10 minutes or more, instead of the 6 minutes or so Nero projected (at x16). If i burnt less than that amount of data the stall would occur at a later stage percentage-wise.

I have a clean Vanilla Win XP installed on another partition that i set up for “emergencies”. So i installed Nero on that OS. What happened is that once more it stalled at 3% and a little at 4% and 5% and then the burn would go on properly, so the whole process took just a minute or so more than the expected time. Yesterday i had a burn stuck at 3% which then failed. The next burn stalled at 3% and eventually went on but at a very slow rate. It took 23:30 minutes to complete, and i also had it do a data verification which was alarmingly slow as well and took another 21:30 minutes. At this point i thought that maybe the last batch of medias I recently bought (Verbatim DVD-R x16) are the reason. So burnt the files again, this time on an old TEAC x4 DVD-R i had left. The process once again took about 23:30 minutes and data verification the same as well. Even though Nero indicated the burn process was completed successfully (including the data verification) I tried copying the files from the burnt media to the HD and at 4% i got an error saying that the DVD can not be read.

I’m thinking of maybe trying this Drive on another PC? or is it pointless? What do you guys think?


That is a really good idea.


OK, I’ve just tested it on another PC and i get the same problem… Stalls at 3% and then continues burn at a very slow rate.

Is the any way(/point) to flush/restart the drive or anything of the sort?


Shall i go get my cheque book or is there still hope for this drive? :confused:


Try to clean it with a lens cleaner.