NEC ND 3500AG re-ejects CDs after burning?

I’m just curious… when I try to burn some CD in Nero with Verify written data enabled, after the burn process ends it ejects the cd then immediately puts it back and only then starts to check the data. Although I have the ‘don’t eject CD after burning’ option enabled. Also it seems that the drive doesn’t immediately recognize the just-burned CD as having any files even though I press refresh in My computer, so I was wondering if that’s normal and if that ejecting behavior of Nero is to make the drive recognize the CD properly. But before, when I had other CD writer on my machine it didn’t eject them this way. So I’m kinda confused. Anyone else has this problem?

The other problem with this drive is that sometimes there are delays between the moment when I press the button and when the tray does actually open. These are usually accompanied with some programs (like video/dvd player) or just windows locking up/not responding for some time. There even were some long time lags during which I would press the button several times and the drive won’t react at all even though it wasn’t reading any cds or something at that moment. Like the button is connected not to the drive but to some driver or program which cannot process the request due to the lag (like ATX power switches which are ‘soft’ switches not ‘hard’…). Never had anything like this on my second cd-rom (creative infra 48x, really old model but still alive and kicking), it reacts even if everything locks up. Hope somebody will help or clear the situation for me…

p.s. sorry for my bad English -/

Nero Verify HAS to eject the disc before reading it, this is a Windows requirement in order for the discs to be readable.

Thanks for clearing that up. Seems like no need to upgrade to the next version of nero then (thought it was nero related).

Now, about that second problem. As I found out, it would occasionally lock up this way in BSPlayer when stopping the playback of a VOB file from DVD. This time I pressed the eject button and after a second or two a seemingly windows internals related messagebox came out, saying ‘is it okay to eject the disk which is in use, ok/abort’, even though the drive wasn’t reading anything. Probably some dvd-only related driver thing? Maybe I was right about the ‘software’ switch, as I had no such messages with my cd-drives. But why this delay anyways?..