NEC ND-3500AG only burns DVD+R and CDR(No -R or +/-R DL)

For some reason whenever i put in a +R disc into my 3500AG it says it sees it as a writable disc. but never can burn. the extremely strange part is when i put a DL disk in it shows the free space on that disc as being 3.99g(vista). This happens even if i put in a correctly burned DL disc. I’ve tried all different firmwares. I was originally on 2.16, upgraded to 2.18, then 2.19, then 2.1A. I just installed Liggy/Dee’s 2.TG. Havent had a chance to try this yet. Is this something anyone else has seen. only being able to see 3.99gigs free on DL media even if the media has been burned successfully.


Typical vi$ta crap problem. :frowning: