Nec ND-3500AG firmware problems


I have an nec nd-3500AG with the LD 3500 TG firmware.
It worked perfect, but now when i sometimes burn my whole computer hangs, i don’t think it is because this firmware but i wanted to try it with the original firmware.So i downloaded the 21A firmware and wanted to flash it, but now i get the message “target net nd-3500a is not found correctly”.

Can anybody tell me why i get this message and how to get passed it ?

Tnx a lot !

Download Binflash, select the drive, click on flash then locate your 2.1A firmware .exe file, this will allow you to flash with the original firmware.

Other things you might like to check.
Use MS default IDE drivers
Replace the IDE cable.
Remove any packet writing software.

You get this message because you try to flash 2.1A firmware on a drive that currently has 2.TG with an official flasher from NEC. This won’t work.

You could try flashing with Binflash instead.


Dee beat my by only a few seconds

Hmmz, IDE driver … there’s going a bell here.
I have an nforce 2 motherboard , and i have installed the IDE nforce2 driver to upgrade de IDE performance, maybe that’s a thing to look at.

Yep, the nForce IDE drivers are known for trouble with optical drives, especially burners!