NEC ND-3500AG cannot recognize 8X media


i’ve just bought Nec ND-3500AG, this burner recognizes RITEK RIDATA 8X DVD+R as 4X. Can any one tell me how to work this around?



I suggest hacked firmware. Here is a link to the one i use.

Whats the media code of those discs ?

Sounds like they could be Ritek-R03-002, official f/w 2.16 only supports them at 4x, I had to flash official f/w 2.18 to get them to burn at 8x.

My Ritek R03’s were Datasafe branded.

From NecDump:

f/w 2.16
[RITEK R03 ] -> 2.4x 4x

f/w 2.18
[RITEK R03 ] -> 2.4x 4x 6x 8x

The Current firmware my NEC is using is 2.16. Should I update the firmware and where can I find the update?

There are many firmwares. Therefore, which is suitable for Nec ND-3500AG?


Quikee2 asked “Whats the media code of those discs?”
You can use Nero InfoTool, the Disk tab to get the Manufacturer ID.

Link from “The Big NEC F.A.Q.”:
Bottom right on page.

ND-3500A(G) Firmwareupdate 2.18 (425.18 Kb)
New Firmwareupdate for ND-3500A(G) with Windows installer. 
You can only update from FW-Version 2.16, more information 
can be found in bypacked Readme.txt file.

You should read the :bow:FAQ before you flash.

Heck, those discs should be read at 8X even with the stock firmware, IMO. If not, something is wrong.

Who said something about reading the disc ? =)

I meant “recognized as 8X”. :slight_smile:

NEC seem to be obsessed with burn quality more than speed, so they make certain medias burn slower, however, if they feel the media can be safely burned faster then it will release new f/w to upgrade the speeds/strats!

Pity they aren’t obsessed with releasing f/w though :slight_smile: