NEC ND-3500A vs Pioneer DVR-108D?



They have similar speeds, 16X for SL and 4X DL
Currently the Pioneer one is cheaper at my favourite store, but NEC will probably have better firmware support. What’s your pick?


There are 2 polls about this already and also a few posts
They are both exelent drives but i would go with the NEC ND3500AG
Here is one poll


The thing i noted was that the writer failed to mention that although the NEC errs on the side of caution with the early firmware (ritek g05 @ 8x) this will probably improve when a later firmware comes out. To be honest i think both drives are about the same overall, though the NEC is faster at faster speeds (over 8x). Perhaps this will change also with firmware though.



After reading some of the posts over on the Pioneer forum - I agree that the ND-3500a is now the best bang for the buck - and with Herrie on the loose - who knows what kicka$$ firmware lies in our 3500 future…

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Oops! You’re right


I put my money on the ND3500AG and love it, and as you said, with Herie on the loose I am sure we will have awsome firmware coming down the road and I cannot wait.


I wonder if you could tell me

  • what’s the difference between NEC 3500A and NEC 3500AG?
  • what’s the NEC 3500A support site?


Your question has been answered here they are all the same drive…


And HERE :wink:


I went with the 108 because of its much faster burns at 6x and 8x. I couldn’t stand replacing my 2500 with a drive no faster at 8x which I think is where the sweet spot of media that burns well will be for the next 6 months.

So far, I have no regrets. Quality with a variety of media seems at least comparable to my 2500 and I get 8x burns in 8:00. The 108 is probably 10-15 sec slower than the 3500 at 12x and close to a minute slower at 16x but it’s about 1:50 faster at 8x. Hacked fw to overspeed -R is already available and the +R version should be out in about a week.

That said, I don’t think either drive is a bad choice.