NEC ND-3500A tested with 16x DVD+R media



I just posted the article NEC ND-3500A tested with 16x DVD+R media.

TheLostSwede used our news submit to tell us "Looks like the NEC drives aren"t the fastest 16x drives around, but at that price I won"t be complaining and if you can burn 12x to 8x DVD-R…

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wonder if it had to do with buffer under-runs?


A lot of vendor states their drives can write UP to 16x but you must check the writing scheme to understand if the drive can reach a better performance vs a 12x drive. :frowning: For instance if a writer starts at 4x than a lot later switches to 8x, 12x and at nearly the and of the disc it switches at 16x who cares it can write at 16x? The AVERAGE writing speed is a lot less! :r Always check some tests before buying a 16x writer… :S


And never touch your discs on the surface like shown on this picture!


Or if you do touch it, make sure you wipe your finger grime off with your shirt or pants leg.


Very likely that the 3500 slowed the burn speed due to crappy media. It likes to do that. But you don’t need 16x media, just use TY T02!


SONY08D1, though only rated at 8x, works flawlessly at 16x in the 3500.:wink:


I actually think that it might be the Verbatim DVD+R 16X which is not fast, the NEC drive should be good.