NEC ND-3500A test by cdrinfo



Interesting :
“The main chipsets come from NEC, with part numbers NEC D63635GM and NEC C333500. The same chipsets are used in the TDK 1616N, the Pioneer DVR-108 and ASUS DRW-1604P.”
The TDK 1616 drive is a known clone but this info confirms that the Pioneer x08 is a NEC “cousin” (not a clone though).

The fact that some hacked firmwares burns DVD+R DL Ritek discs @4x and some @ 2.4x is interesting too. (DL 2.4X burn quality is better than 4X ! … I can keep my 2510 for a while :wink: …)

Strange crappy DVD RW burning though on some media :confused:


To summarize:

The Good

Very good DVD error correction capabilities
Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
Supports audio protected discs
Excellent CD writing quality at 32X with low Jitter values
Very good Single Layer DVD writing quality
High C2% accuracy
Fast recording with Double Layer media
Very good writing quality with Double Layer media
Can read/rip 90min Audio CDs
Can overburn up to 88min CDs

- The Bad

Poor CD error correction
Slow ripping CSS DVD-Video performance
DAE speed only up to 32X
Mount Rainier is not supported
Cannot recognize 99min Audio CD’s
Cannot create working backups with SafeDisc protected games over v2.60
Cannot overburn DVD recordable media
Medium CD writing quality at 48X
Does not support Traxdata Double Layer media

- Like To be fixed

Official firmware release to support booktype setting for +R/+RW media
Better writing quality with 48X CD-R media
Traxdata Double Layer media support