NEC ND-3500A S W Not working for me...getting BLue Screen Error or unsuccessful burn

I have the NEC 16X Double Layer DVD±RW Drive, Silver, Model ND-3500A S W that i bought from and when i try and burn the video_ts.ifo file with copytodvd it either locks up my pc, sends me to the blue error screen and says “Machine Check Exception”, or completes the burn but nothing is on the cd? any ideas? is this a UK only Burner cause the NEC website doesnt have it listed under USA… What could be the problem?

nope … if you are getting those kinds of errors you have hardware problems with your machine check the cabling to the drive… check that udma 2 is on on the controller… but most likely it sounds like memory problems or something nothing to do with the drive.

What are your system specs including OS and amount of ram ?

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My specs are
Mobo Chaintech VNF3-250
1gb OCZ enhanced Latency series
AMD64 3400+
Maxtor 80bg HD 7200rpm
Antec PSU 480 True Blue

OK ,you can try 2 things. I am guessing that you are using at least Window XP with an NForce 3 MB and an AMD 64. So u can try the latest NForce drivers or rollthe NForce drivers back to the MS drivers.

Or, easier, u can try another burning program like Nero. they have a free trial @ Just click on DVD-Video and take all the files from your Video_TS folder and put them in the Video_TS folder in Nero and see if that works.


There has been some issues with the new nVidia mobos. :wink:

After one fast search for; nforce3 + problem, I found this

Search button and google is our friend! :cool:

With my nforce3 mobo powerdvd5 wont play any dvds on my liteon burner with the nvidia ide drivers,had to roll back to ms drivers.(Just ordered a nec 3500a).