NEC ND-3500A Questions




Has any of you guys encountered freezing and/or pixelation with ND-3500A? If so, under what conditions – media, speed, etc. – did you encounter them?



Isnt freezing and pixelration a media issue?
Have you speed scanned media and they are OK ?

I have had lot of issues like that with crappy -r media, however, after i switched to +r i never had any problems. (is it just me or is -r crappy media worse than +r crappy media?)


Interesting question, I have a Pioneer 106D and burnt close to 300 DVD-R, all Ritek G04, never had a problem with them.

Got a 3500 on order, and been thinking about shifting to DVD+R because of the bit setting options, would be interesting to hear about comparisons of crappy - and + media.