NEC ND-3500A most used drive



I just posted the article NEC ND-3500A most used drive.

VSO-Software recently released a tool that submits
information about the burns made with VSO applications. The information is
anonymously sent to the VSO website and the use of it is optional…

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“NEC ND-3500A most used drive” This headline is just plain wrong. (Statistically speaking.) Maybe “most used drive for VSO-Software users who allow their information to be sent in”. This is not a random sample of the larger population, and never will be. At most the headline should’ve been “NEC ND-3500A most used drive by VSO-Software users.”


If it wasn’t for Herrie, Liggy, Dee, Quikee and others doing NEC’s job for them in the f/w department, I bet diamonds it would not be as popular!


Yes you right i only got my nec drive because of that factor hack firmware


Ordanos, read the first sentance again and read it slower, it does point out the fact that is is amongst those that use VSO software.


Yes, but I don’t like the headline. I already noted that. :slight_smile: I guess that’s how news works, but it’s deceptive, and makes plenty of people think it’s true in general when statistically speaking there is no evidence to that fact.


Yup, seems like the headline is a bit off the general line of what I call news…


So did I. When I bought my NEC drive I never thought of patching firmwares myself.


Surveys performed by other companies actually confirm that NEC and LG are usually on number one or two of most sold drives. Therefor it is more than very likely that this list is correct. I agree that the headline attracts attention, but the article explains enough.


The fifth place for the Samsung? If I look around here and in other forum´s the Samsung is not in the Top 20


Here’s a good one: “the use of it is optional and free.” Yeah, like I’m going to PAY VSO to spy on my computer and then sell my info. to some scum sucking spammer. :d


Actually, this is likely also correct. From official numbers I’ve seen many times that Samsung sells a lot more than you probably expect. Maybe it’s a lot of OEM or did Samsung users not find the way to the forums, but they are a very big player.


the use of these information is really for the support and help customers. we were surprised too about the samsung position, and when before we were not doing test with this drive, we do now… that’s this kind of information who will improve the product support.


I want my error scanning firmware!!!:frowning:


“Strange” licence enforcement in CopyToDVD 3.0.42, just after the new v3.0.41 sending informations to VSO… Very strange… :B lol !