Nec ND-3500a jerky MP3 playback



Hi, I just got a Nec nd3500a and installed it, burned a DVD, played a DVD, burned a CD, listened to audio CDs, it does all of that well. The one thing it doesn’t do well is play MP3 files. It will frequently pause during MP3 playback for about two seconds then resume what it was playing. Usually with a playlist of two or more songs. I don’t think it’s a faulty drive(mechanical fault) since it does everything else well. Is this just a glitch with this model? I’m using firmware 2.18. Any ideas? Anybody else notice this with their nd3500a?


By the way, i’m playing the MP3s off Memorex CD-Rs. I don’t have the pausing problem when I play the same MP3 files on my TDK VeloCD drive.


The difference between playing AudioCD/VideoDVD and playing mp3’s is that the drive knows that the former are operations that require a continuous datastream and it is designed specifically to accomodate those needs when it knows it is reading such data. Audio CD and Video DVD are well defined formats that are designed to allow smooth reading of data. This is not true with an MP3 DVD or MP3 CD.

Your NEC DVD drive has no idea what an mp3 file is, and as far as it’s concerned, it’s just feeding chunks of files. It doesn’t know that it’s music and a slight delay in the reading of data will destroy the experience. When your mp3 playing software is in the middle of the song and requests the next chunk of data, the drive might have spun down or might have to refocus/reposition the laser on a different physical part of the disc. That’s why there’s a delay in reading the files.


Most likely the TDK drive is designed to take longer to spin down, and maybe it has superior seek times for CD-R compared to the NEC.


Thank you for the response that was very informative. I love the drive. I’ll just use the TDK VeloCD if I play MP3’s off a CD-R, which isn’t often, no big deal.