NEC ND-3500A in Japan, from



DVD+R DLへの4倍速書き込みとDVD±Rへの16倍速書き込みに対応したNEC製最新DVDドライブ「ND-3500A」の予約が「ZOA 秋葉原本店」で開始された。予価は12,980円で、近日入荷予定となっている。

I’ll translate it later if I don’t forget about it and if it’s worth the efforts. (Probably not.)

The price is a little lower than Pioneer DVR-108.

Pioneer DVR-A08: US$120
NEC ND-3500A: US$110
LG GSA-4120B: US$70

TSST Samsung’s TS-H552A is not yet in Akihabara probably though they’ve been in South Korea for a while. There are going to be a lot of TS-H552 reviews from South Korean users soon. :slight_smile:


I’d like to have a look at the firmware :bigsmile:


I should have an ND-3500A on Friday, i’ll PM you RE firmware when it arrives :wink:


That would be great, thanks. :smiley:
I hope to enhance my firmware dumper/patcher to accept these firmwares too. Let’s see if the TDB flasher for the 2500 still works with this drive. Otherwise it could get a little difficult to extract the firmware.


I was thinking that as well, we’ll soon find out :iagree:


We’re only an email away. We’d invite those who have this drive, or OEM equivalents to contact us directly.

Brother Vlad


I’ll get in contact as soon as drive is installed :wink:


The 3X00 DOS Flasher, and patched versions of ND-3500AG 2.16 are now available.

Brother Vlad


Dam i cant force my ND-2500a to eat it no matter what i do.


Already working on the new medialist for this drive :smiley: