NEC ND-3500A External Enclosure Chipset



Hello, I have the ND-3500A and need to purchase an external enclosure. I plan on getting a model that has both USB 2.0 and Firewire, should I get a singular chipset for both IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 or 2 chipsets, one for Firewire and one for USB?

I’ve heard talk of Oxford 911, Cypress and Prolific.

Any recommendations?


Check out this thread:


I think the biggest problem you’re going to find with external enclosures is power supplies that will run a HDD fine, but will fall short when burning. If you’ve got a decent PS in your computer, I’d think you’d do well to run your burner on that, rather than a PS you really don’t know much about. Does anyone else agreed with my theory?