NEC ND-3500A + Datasafe CD = Coaster!

Hi all,

Tried burning Datasafe CDs (52x speed) at 32x = Coaster. Latest version of Nero reports CRC errors after writing ~400Mb on the disk.

Tried slowing dows to 24x and 16x. They were burnt ok, but reading speed was REALLY SLOW! Nero’s quality report gave LOADS of L2 errors!

Tried Nashua CD-Rs (52x) at 32x. Burned ok but reading speed is still very slow!

To make matters worse, tried Infinity and FullMark CD-RWs, which were burnt ok but reading back gave again :frowning: CRC errors!

DVD-R recording works fine so I doudt this is anything other than the NEC being VERY picky on CD-R & CD-RW media.

Hope future firmware solves the issues OR I’ll be REALLY dissapointed…

Any ideas?

(Firmware used = Original v2.16)

I’ve burned those white top discs bought from SVP in the UK in my NEC 3500 with no problems! Used RecordNow DX 4.61 and latest trial version of ONES, no coasters with those discs.

The 3500 is locked to 32x in firmware for Prodisc CD-R, best to use Verbatim 48x (Mitsubishi Chemical) CD-R’s for full speed recording, the Verbatim CD-R’s also read back faster than the Datasafes in my Plex DVD-ROM!!

I have stock v2.16 firmware too!