NEC ND-3500A best firmware updates?

Hello. Just wondering which firmware version most of you run on your 3500A now. I’m mainly curious if there’s a firmware floating around which enables DVD-R DL support. Thanks. :wink:

No, there will never be such a firmware.

eh, probably. The drive has the capability of reading DVD-R DL, so thought I’d inquire as to whether or not an updated firmware exists. Obviously such a firmware wouldn’t be first party NEC. Not even sure if such an update’s been attempted on this drive. Haven’t really heard much.

Reading ability has nothing to do here with burning/writing.

Yeah. Never said it did. A standard DVD-ROM doesn’t write DVD-Rs heh.

You woiuldn’t believe how often were asked “Can I flash my DVD-ROM to make it a DVD-burner?”…

hehe yeah, I bet. I’m an electronics guy though, I know better. :wink:

Here’s a few to try out > but none have -R DL writing support.