NEC ND-3500A and NEC ND-3540A firmwares

Hello. Last time I was here was a while ago after working out how to flash my NEC drives with Liggy’s firmwares. Been happily burning since then (Cheer’s Liggy). However, I want to start using dual/double layer discs with my drives and so have come back for further good advice :wink:

The drives are:

NEC ND-3500A(G)

Firmware Version 2.TG
Vendor specific info: 05071900BT-LIGGY


NEC ND-3540A

Firmware Version 1.W5
Vendor specific info: 05031600BT-LIGGY

As I said, I want to update the firmware to use the drives with dual layer discs. I’ve been using Datawrite DVD-R 4.7s for the last few years and never had one single coaster (well not one coaster since flashing with Liggy firmwares). That’s amazing considering I’ve burned well over a 1000 discs with the drives. For that reason I was looking at the Datawrite DVD+R DL discs, which are ‘economical’.

So, can someone please recommend the best firmware to use with these drives to support latest media?



Liggy’s 2.1B bitsetting firmware for the NEC ND-3500AG is the latest firmware for that drive.

I wouldn’t recommend anything except Verbtaim for Double Layer media. It’s not ‘economical’ if your DL discs don’t work properly, and most other DL discs don’t work nearly as well as Verbatims.

Thanks. I’ll grab that firmware for the NEC ND-3500AG then. Re the NEC ND-3540A, is L&D’s 1.W9 the ‘best’ firmware for that model?

Re DL discs and quality. I’ll take that advice onboard, thanks.