NEC ND-3500A about 1/3 of the way thru buffer freaks out

Burner: NEC ND-3500A
Firmware: 2.18 official NEC
Software: Win XP SP2, DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0
Media: Ritek 8x +R

with every DVD i burn, whether it be in Nero or DVD Decrypter, when it gets to about 1/3 of the way done, the main buffer goes to 0%, and the device buffer jumps from 0% to 75% or so for about 60 seconds. also the hard drive is clicking away like crazy. if i check ‘verify’ all the data comes out fine.

could thsi be a media issue?

btw, yes, i searched the forum for relavent topics… couldnt find any. TIA!

My drive drops for an instant when burning but then straight back upto 95-97% i think this has to do with the burn speeding up. But does not do the same as you are experiencing with your drive.

Check the DMA, check the power cables for tightness i have previous found to be culprits.

Then assume bad media i would think, amazing that data come out fine. Did you check the burned DVD with Nero CD-DVD Speed tool to check the data ?


This could be because your harddrive is heavily fragmented and is seeking desperately to keep up with feeding the DVD burner.

Try analyzing and then defragmenting the relevant drive if necessary.

I have a ND-3500A and I had a Lite-On SOHW 812S for testing purposes until it broke :frowning:

I have experienced this with my old PC when I was using Bittorrent and had a couple of torrents going while burning off the same harddrive that the Torrents were going to. This isnt something I did often. I think it is just the drive trying to keep up with the burn and struggling. The funny thing is that these burns turned out very good when I scanned them with Kprobe on my Lite-On even though both the buffers went down to nothing and it took over 15 minutes to burn 8X media. I have never had problems with the burns on any stand alone player I played them on either. I am not saying this is the rule but what I experienced.

The only time I have ever gotten a bad burn out of this ND-3500 was the last disc of a spindle that had some error spikes at the end of burn.

I had the same problem, watch if a dfrg.exe and/or ntfsdefrag.exe process is not running… It has to do with a Fetch Optimize at boot in the registry.
This tries to defrag the boot partition after xx minutes of idle time (idle time (LOL !) was an ISO burn in my case with DVDDecrypter !)…

The defrag was stopping only when I check the mouse or press the keyboard !

I change/add :



and reboot. Don’t know if it will help in your case…

No, AOPC will not generate hard drive activity during one minute…
But a boot Defrag, yes.