NEC ND-3500A - $72 + $4 shipping at Newegg


Just saw the beige 3500 at for $72 plus $4 shipping!!!

Thats a good deal-


Yep I guess that answered my Q in the other forum, I’ll pick this one up :smiley:

Mike what firmware should I use? What’s the link? I read the dangerous bros aren’t the best to be using :frowning:

Yo L1br4h-

I use Herries 2.7 in my 3500 - and it works very well-

I installed it with a copy of winrar that can be found with a google search-

I also am now only using Taiyo Yuden 8x - & +R’s and am getting the best burns ever!! (Got them from for $.60 each + shipping - which I consider a very good price)

Happy Burnin’ seems to be down :frowning: I sent you a PM. Thanks for all your help.

The only downside for some I forget which states, is the sales tax NJ where I am charged me 6% but it’s still a great buy!

I onl use Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs but damn that price is a bargin thanks for the link! Taiyo Yuden have been used by professionals for years, w/o a doubt there is a HUGE differnce is quality :smiley: I won’t use anything else :wink: