Nec nd-3500: which dvdr media can i buy at 8x and burn at 16x?




i recently upgraded my older nec drive using the firmware to a nd-3500 so thanks so much for that!

now my question is i know some dvdr media which are rated at 8x speed can actually be burned at 16x. which brands can you do this with? is it only certain ones or will any 8x media burn at 16x?

also if you can recomend a specific kind of dvd media at bestbuy, circuit city, office max or office depot that would be great… i need to buy the media tommorrow so i can’t order online this time.

thanks for any help!


You can easily burn Fuji DVD+/-R(8X) & Maxell DVD+R (8X) (all must be made in Japan ) at 16X with your NEC 3500 and hacked f/w. BTW: the quality of these burning are also excellent.


do you happen to know if sony dvdr media will work too? i’m not sure where its made but they have a sony 8x dvd-r 50 pack for $20 at best buy

also does it have to be at least 8x to burn at 16x? or will 4x work also?

thanks for the quick response, these forums are very helpful and everyone here is very knowledgeable


That is depend to your version of hacked f/w, Sony DVD+R (4X) RICHOJPN R01 can be burned at 12X, the same is stand for Sony DVD-R(4X) TY G01 also will be burned at 12X suject that they are made in Japan (good quality). In order to be able to burn at 16X the disc must be rated atleast at (8X). For further information of hacked writing strategy of different media see the charts at the following thread:


Best Buy’s Sony 8X DVD-R (Made in Taiwan) or 8X DVD+R (Made in Japan) will burn at 16X in ND-3500A. Good Luck! :slight_smile: