NEC ND-3500 slow in Nero?

Hi I have just got myself a NEC ND-3500, now when I for the first time wants to burn an ordinary CDR (48x) Nero says the maximum CD speed is 16X!? Why? What can I do about it?

the media you’re using may not be rated at higher than 16x for the firmware you have

I have the same problem with Nero. I just installed a new Nec ND-3500 and
when I open nero 6.6 and check system status it sees the drive ok, DMA is on but it only shows dvd burn speed options up to 12x!!! I flashed the firmware t0 2c8 and now it shows read up to 48x and write capibility up to48x. I’m guessing it’s a registry setting

More likely to be the write strategy settings in the firmware is it not?

I upgraded the firmware to version 2.17 but that didn’t help.
I know nothing about those other firmware… but maybe that’s the solution to choose one of those? But it’s strange… the CDR’s is labeled 48X!

I have now installed 2C8 and I discovered that Nero reports 48X when no media is inserted and when I put in a Memorex CD-R 48X it reads 16X! I saw this using DVDInfoPro also… can I somehowe change this so it accepts writing at 48X with this media?

just got and installed the ND-3500. burnt a couple of el cheapo 52x rated CD-Rs and discovered the same thing. Nero shows (and burns with) max 32x speed also although Clone CD shows 48x max, burnt it with ca. 32x. since no definite answer was given can somebody confirm it’s exactly the same with CD-Rs as with DVD’s - burning software determines max burning speed coupling media code and burner firmware info?


just the same here…
with new memorex CDR (certified 52x) max burn speed is 16x. With my old liteon 32123S max speed was 32x. Tried both with official firmware 2.16 and 2.18.
Another strange thing is that Nero Cdspeed show cd info only with the liteon drive. With NEC 3500 the disc is “unknown”.

btw this is the info of that memorex CDR taken by liteon:


Hey folks - the firmware is media specific - meaning that it will only write at a given speed that the firmware senses a given media will result in a good burn - Nero is only allowing a burn that the firmware is telling it the burner will write at with good results-

For example - I have some old TDK (Ritek) 24x CD’s- but Nero says that max speed is 32x - also have TDK (Ritek) 48x CD’s- which Nero says will burn at 48x-

The new NEC 2.18 firmware updated the 3500 for new media write strategies - for instance Prodisc 8x +R’s will now burn up to 12x (BTW-not good media for use in 3500’s at 8x let alone 12x)-


I get the same problem with Taiyo Yuden cdr-s 48x rated, and Prodisc 52x rated, each time Nero shows 32x max write speed. I also burned some of them with CloneCD, max speed was 32x. Now, I bought these TYs to get the best quality/speed media, and now I am limited to 32x. Of course, my Liteon 811s writes them at 40x :frowning:
OK, i like my NEC for its DVD write quality, but if it is 48x cdr rated drive, I wonder what disc I need to use to achieve 48x? I tried all kind of fw versions, including last 2.18.

Yo hegedus-

Did you read my reply above? - your answer is in there-


I have 2.18 (file:3500fast) and I can burn at 48X (2:30 for full music CD) I’m using cheapo Khypermedia CDs bought at office max for $6.99/50. Nero I tried several firmwares and this did the best for my media and unlocked the rip lock for burning DVDs.


Yes, I red it and I understand everything you said, but this does not change my frustration with NEC’s write speed policy. TY is good, if not the best layer, and limiting these cdr’s to only 32x just don’t seem clear to me. Especially if the manufacturer (Verbatim) rates them 48x.


It has all to do with the way the firmware is written and nothing to do with the manufacturer of the medias speed (remember - that speed is what they rate as the MAXIMUM speed available for that particular media)


Yes, I understand this as well. But, I have never seen that the writter would not burn dvd media at at least rated speed, if not faster. Why is it different with cdr’s? It should be easier, isn’t it? My liteon 811s burns everything I put in it @40x, but when I got NEC I was a little dissapointed with the drive claiming to be 48x, but actually never reached this number. I know there is not so big difference between 32x and 48x, but still…

Yo hegedus-

With my TDK (Ritek) 48x CD media - I get 48x burns (per Nero) - so - yes the drive IS reaching this number- that your Taiyo Yuden will only burn at 32x - well that is something that is out of your control - and may be addressed in some future firmware revision-