Nec ND-3500 or Plextor PX-716


If you had to buy a new Dvd burner, which one of the two above would you buy right now ?
I read great things about Nec but I had great experience with a Plextor Cd burner as well, so I’m undecided about. :confused:

Do Plextor drives have the same great support in patching firmwares that Nec has (Herrie, Lizzy, Mad Dog) ? :bigsmile:

Are there any media that Plextor “likes” most or are Ricoh and Fujifilm suitable enough ?

Thanx a lot for any help.

I can answer to this question… the answer is NO. :sad:

The only available patch to a Plextor firmware is a RPC1 version made by The Dangerous Brothers.
The drives currently supported are:

PX-116A (rebadged Pioneer DVD-120)
PX-116A2 (rebadged Pioneer DVD-121)

You can find them on TDB’s homepage. Of course, be warned that flashing such a firmware voids your warranty
(but I have a feeling that you already know that :bigsmile: ).

About media, other people here are much more expert than me, so they will tell you.

However, a general rule (for the current Plextor drives, we’ll see for the new 716) is:
if you feed Plextor units with good media, you (generally) get very good results.
Some folks here show 12x burns made with the 712A that are really outstanding :rolleyes:.
If you tend to use cheaper media, probably the NEC is a more appropriate choice
(at least, it was true for the 2500A that I have just sold out,
waiting for the 3500A I have ordered some days ago :wink: ).

Regards, :slight_smile:


Thanx Eltranquil

I think I’m gonna burn RICOHJPNR02 and FUJIFILM03, which are considered fine media, so I guess I can be safe with both Plextor and Nec.

I’m tempted to get a 3500, but I don’t like the idea I can’t test any Dvd with it. :sad:

I would go with the 716A due to my testing with the 712A, here is my post where I did some side by side tests.

I don´t have a plex… never had. (Die-hard Lite-On fan.) :bigsmile:

IMO, Plex 716 is good choise if you wanna go easy and safe… (This opinion grounded on what I´have seen on earlier plex dvdrw´s). PlexTools are a bonus.

Nec-3500 is a good (all-round) burner with many “tweak”-possibilities. :wink: I´m very satisfied with my drive. Recommended.


Since Taiyo Yuden spent 5 years developing the laser writing strateges for Plextor - I would think that the Taiyo Yuden media would produce killer results on the 716-

I personally would wait and see if the quality issues in the 712 are not carried over to the 716 - IMO