NEC ND-3500 CD-R Writing

Hi All,

I’ve just bought the NEC ND-3500. DVD writing is ok (Had 1 bad copy using Imation media), but having trouble with CD-R burning. Almost every CD has an audible error on playback (skipping etc) and has trouble fast forwarding within my Technics cd player. (something which never occured with my old Lite-On CD-RW Drive). Currently using Imation media (as I always have done) and use the Lite-On (XJ-HD165H) DVD-ROM Drive. Could this be a result of the DVD-ROM Drive, a faulty DVD-RW drive or the media not being compatible with this drive. The Imation media is certified for writing at 52x but I normally write at 32x. I have not made any changes to the firmware as yet. Any suggestions?


I have been getting very good cd burns at 48x with Ritek 48x cd media on both my 3500’s-

You can probably get some great Taiyo Yuden cd media from for less than what you are paying for the Imations (which aren’t that good BTW)-